Playvocates In Action - PIA
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"The opposite of Play is not work. It's depression." - Brian Sutton-Smith

Playvocates In Action (PIA) is a Singaporean community ground-up movement supported by educators, specialists in additional needs, parents and youths. We are a playful bunch of people who are joint by our common passion in Play!

Originally inspired by our own childhood (masak-masak days) and later by the wonderful play folks at Pop-Up Adventure Play UK, we started experimenting with different play spaces in Singapore - outdoors, indoors, big and small, public, private and corporate, by organising pop-up adventure playgrounds anywhere, spontaneously. We believe anyone can play and everyone SHOULD play :) With permission to play any way we want, and a space with loose parts for play - our community can bond inclusively and playfully!

PIA is co-founded by Eugenia Koh (Parent and Inclusive Playvocate) and Frank Meng (Youth Advocate) - but we need more fellow play advocates in our community! Also, we need resources from our community to enable our Playful vision to come true. Visit our website to find out how you can support our Playwork in different ways.

Join us as a volunteer and experience being a Playvocate for a day! Sponsor our Play materials (duct tape, masking tape, strings, rope etc) or provide us with a storage space for them! Let us know your contacts on which events where we can hold our Pop-up Adventure Playgrounds in our local community space!

Together, we can all be Playvocates In Action!